Estonian Centre for Defense Investment entered into four-year framework agreements with three Estonian companies: Guardtime OÜ, Clarified Security OÜ and CybExer Technologies OÜ for conducting various levels of cyber training for both Estonian and allied and partner experts. The purpose of the training is to ensure NATO’s preparedness for cyber attacks, to raise awareness of cyber hygiene and cyber security more broadly.

“The very rapid development of the IT sector and technology has led to an increasing dependence on cyberspace and what is happening there. Therefore, cyber defense of public services: communications, banking, e-commerce, etc. is one of the main tasks of NATO’s collective defense, which requires continuous development of knowledge and skills through training, ” said Priit Soosaar, Chief of Category (C4I, Cyber and Radars) for the Estonian Centre for Defense Investment.

The estimated cost of the procurement during the performance of the contracts is approximately 10 million euros.