Businesses recognised with the Cornerstone of Estonian Defence

In mid-February, the Estonian Centre for Defence Investments (ECDI) recognised 20 companies and partners with the Cornerstone of Estonian Defence. This is the second time that the awards have been presented, the aim of which is to recognise companies from Estonia and abroad that have contributed to Estonia’s national defence.

‘To protect ourselves from the threats we face, a small country needs a lot of things – the will to defend, allies, and so on – but it also needs the best supply chain and the best suppliers, builders, and service providers. In difficult times, the role of these partners is particularly important,’ Magnus-Valdemar Saar, the Director General of the ECDI, said.

‘In addition to the recipients of the award, we would like to acknowledge all our contract partners, third and public sector organisations for their contribution to national defence,’ Saar added. ‘With your help, last year was the most successful year ever for investing in defence.’

Awards were given to the following companies in the following categories:

–        In the ‘Largest Supplier’ category, Rafael Advanced Defence Systems was recognised for supplying Estonia with EUR 30 million worth of weapons systems and ammunition in 2022.

–        In the ‘Transaction of the Year’ category, Lockheed Martin of the United States of America was recognised for its sale to Estonia of HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems as a new weapon system.

–        In the ‘Builder of the Year’ category, Nordecon AS, was recognised for having built buildings for the Estonian Defence Forces over the years with a net enclosed area of around 100,000 square metres, of which one fifth of the total was built last year in the form of various warehouses.

–        In the ‘Long-term Domestic Cooperation Partner’ category, the Estonian Defence and Aerospace Industry Association was recognised for having been an important and long-term partner in the development of the Estonian defence industry and in promoting cooperation.

–        In the ‘Long-term International Cooperation Partner’ category, the German company Vebeg GmbH, which is providing the Estonian Defence Forces with more than 2,000 used vehicles and countless spare parts, was recognised.

–        In the ‘Capability Developer of the Year’ category, the South Korean company Hanwha Techwin, which provides the Estonian Defence Forces with K9 self-propelled artillery, was recognised. These artillery pieces have raised the firepower of the brigades of the Estonian Defence Forces to a new level.

–        In the ‘Soldier’s Favourite’ category, Image Wear AS was recognised for supplying 13,000 sets of new three-in-one wear systems to the Estonian Defence Forces last year, taking soldier protection and equipment to a new level.

–        In the ‘Service Provider of the Year’ category, Kaarlaid OÜ was recognised for having been a long-standing provider of transport services and having transported a significant amount of defence equipment, including supplies to Ukraine.

–        In the ‘Development Partner of the Year’ category, Softwerk OÜ was recognised for having been an important development partner in the development of the resource management information system.

–        In the ‘Long-term Cooperation Partner’ category, Telegrupp AS was recognised for having developed countless information technology, communications, and security solutions for the defence sector over the years.

–        In the ‘Small Business of the Year’ category,  Rebase Söögituba was recognised for being our catering provider in South Estonia and for always responding quickly to catering needs for reservist training.

–        In the ‘Significant Contribution to Security of Supply’ category, Avolux OÜ was recognised for supplying more than 6,000 metal barriers on short notice last year.

–        In the ‘Designer of the Year’ category, Kuubik Projekt OÜ was recognised as the designer of Meeri Army Base, as well as other communications structures, having demonstrated sufficient flexibility in the complex nature of our field and having always reached a satisfactory solution for all parties involved.

–        In the ‘Maintenance Partner of the Year’ category, Napal Service OÜ was recognised as a provider of technical maintenance and emergency services for all our property portfolios, always focused on finding the right solutions for the customer.

–        In the ‘Caterer of the Year’ category, Nõo Lihatööstus OÜ was recognised for ensuring product availability, security of supply, and the best partnership, through which it has made a significant contribution to supporting defence capability.

–        In the ‘Environmental Achiever of the Year’ category, Rauno Kalda, Senior Specialist of the Wildlife Department of the Environment Agency, was recognised for his outstanding support in the field of wildlife issues and in organising and coordinating environmental monitoring of training areas.

–        In the ‘Newcomer of the Year’ category, the Estonian Krattworks OÜ was recognised as a contract partner of the Estonian Defence Forces in the production and supply of air defence flying targets.

–        In the ‘Innovation Partner of the Year’ category, AS Tariston and Wastedirect OÜ were recognised, together with whom Estonia’s first road made of tyre blocks was built, where the use of tyre blocks solves the problem of tyre disposal in Estonia and at the same time allows for the saving of non-renewable natural resources. Läpi-Ojaküla Road, made of tyre blocks, is the access road to the central training area of the Estonian Defence Forces.

–        In the ‘Small Producer of the Year in Catering’ category, Kartulitehnika OÜ was recognised for its long-standing cooperation in supplying high-quality raw materials to catering complexes.


Photos: Rauno Liivand


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