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Defence investments 2024-2028

This is an annotated edition of the defence investment plans, providing an overview of the most important projects of the Estonian Centre for Defence Investments for the coming years. If you have a deeper interest, you can find more detailed information on our website, where our real-time updated procurement plan and other information related to procurements, infrastructure, and training areas are available. In case you are not aware, the Estonian Centre for Defence Investments (ECDI) is the central procurement agency under the administration of the Ministry of Defence, responsible for the availability of materials and services and ensuring a functional and safe infrastructure for national defence. For some time now, our clientele has included many other government agencies, and since last year, we have been the implementer of the European Peace Fund in Moldova. As an investment organization, our mission is to ensure that every euro invested in defence yields as much defensive capability as possible.

The service provided by ECDI is comprehensive, encompassing all activities from planning and development plans to the handover of the final product or building, or even providing services to the end-user. As key processes, we conduct procurements, purchases, project management, and provide direct services to clients, for example, in training areas, military bases, and dining facilities. To support our core processes, we possess the largest set of engineers in national defence and other technical competencies. In total, over thirty engineers work in the engineering office. We are strongly networked and extensively utilize the competencies of foreign partners in engineering and other technical areas. Our goal is to consistently increase our ability to hand over goods, services, and facilities to the end-user, doing so economically while ensuring high customer satisfaction. Although we provide certain services directly to the client, we still rely largely on you, our valued contract partners, for service provision, material supply, and infrastructure development. Rapid and efficient supply chains are essential for national defence, and only the best suppliers can operate within
them. We strive to identify the best among you for every need, and then establish contractual relationships that are beneficial and sustainable for both parties.
As a client, we are strict and punctual in protecting our client’s interests, but at the same time, we work in a spirit of cooperation with our suppliers and try to incorporate as many good solutions from the provider as possible.

The coming years will continue to see growing volumes of defence investments. In addition, there is no expectation that the security situation will dramatically
improve in the near future. Therefore, we act to ensure that the necessary capabilities are delivered as quickly as possible. We strive to ensure that military stocks are adequate, the material combat readiness of units is high, and everything necessary for operations and training is available – in summary, to protect the Republic of Estonia.

Always together with you, dear suppliers!

Magnus-Valdemar Saar,
Director General at the Estonian Centre for Defence Investments

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