Estonia donated a second field hospital to Ukraine in partnership with Germany

The Estonian Centre for Defence Investment (ECDI) sent a second field hospital to Ukraine in cooperation with Germany, to support Ukraine in its military conflict with Russia. The German Federal Ministry of Defence donated nearly EUR 7.7 million to send the military hospital with the purpose of supporting Ukraine’s medical capabilities. In addition, the non-profit organisation Slava Ukraini granted EUR 120,000 from the donations made to it for the purchase of medical equipment for the field hospital, in line with the needs expressed by Ukraine.

Half of the existing Defence Forces’ field hospital will be given to Ukraine, it consists of eight special-function medical containers and three tents, with an operating module, an emergency care module, an intensive care module, an intermediate module (with a laboratory container, a diagnostic container and a triage tent), a medical storage room, a sterilisation module and a resource module. Additionally, four modular tents and a sanitary module with showers, toilets, and washing machines with dryers will be donated to Ukraine. The size of the hospital in its operational stage is approximately 425 square metres.

Kadi-Kai Kollo, project manager for the ECDI’s field hospital, said that the hospital containers match the dimensions of a conventional standard sea container (ISO 1CC 20”). “A trained team can set up a hospital in around one hour, with the speed of set-up providing the crucial mobility essential for redeploying medical assistance in a military conflict. Given that, according to various figures, around 950 medical facilities have been destroyed in Ukraine, such assistance is urgently needed,” said Kollo.

Lieutenant Colonel Ahti Varblane, Chief Medical Officer of the War and Disaster Medical Centre, said that the experience of the field hospital sent to Ukraine has confirmed that the basic concept of the developments is on the right track, especially in terms of mobility, modularity and the management system. “The system of camouflage measures certainly needs to be improved, as the conflict in Ukraine is yet another confirmation that Russia does not follow the Geneva Convention. The discovery of medical units turns them into valuable targets for the other side,” added Lieutenant Colonel Varblane.

According to Kollo, the field hospital employs around 15 people under normal circumstances and, for example, during exercises, it its able to serve around 60 people a day. “The field hospital is staffed only by Ukrainian army medics. To date, statistics from the first field hospital donated to Ukraine show that nearly 2,000 people with varying degrees of injury have already been provided with assistance. This shows how much help the field hospital provides, also confirming that we are doing the right thing”, Kollo added.

The donated hospital was manufactured by public limited company Semetron, who, in cooperation with volunteers, helped ECDI to deliver the field hospital to Ukraine. Additionally, in cooperation with Semetron, the field hospital has been adapted to Ukrainian conditions. For example, heating and cooling equipment has been modified to suit the Ukrainian climate, and equipment and tunnels connecting containers have been upgraded.

The non-profit organisation Slava Ukraini provided an additional EUR 120,000 raised from donations to provide medical equipment for Ukraine. For example, an oxygen generator and various surgical instruments were purchased. “We are delighted that, in partnership with larger states, a second field hospital has arrived in Ukraine. Our aim is to support frontline medics in their work, which we will certainly continue to do in the future as well,” said Johanna-Maria Lehme, CEO of Slava Ukraini.

In addition, eight trucks and two trailers will be donated to Ukraine for the transport of hospital modules, for the purchase of which ECDI partnered with KB Auto OÜ.

The first leg of the field hospital donated by Estonia to Ukraine will be rep

Author of photos Martin Liiskmaa (EDF)
Video operator: Herman-Erik Isop (EDF)

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