Estonia is contributing to the development of the defence capabilities of Moldova

 The European Union has allocated 39 million euros from the European Peace Facility to the Estonian Centre for Defence Investments (ECDI) to strengthen the defence development of the Republic of Moldova and improve the protection of civilians in crisis and emergency situations. Estonia will use the allocated funds to purchase non-lethal equipment for the Moldovan armed forces.

 The support package from the European Union will strengthen the international security and stability of Moldova to prevent conflicts and maintain peace. The ECDI contributes to increase the capacities of the armed forces of Moldova by procuring equipment to strengthen logistics, mobility, command and control systems, and communication and surveillance systems.

‘As an implementing agency, we have a good opportunity to contribute to international security with our skills and knowledge and to grow into a centre of excellence in procurement in our region as a project leader,’ said Katri Raudsepp, Head of the General Department of ECDI.

She added that the projects are part of a modernisation process to strengthen the operational capabilities of the Moldovan Armed Forces, accelerate the transition to EU standards and interoperability, thereby improving the protection of civilians in crisis and emergency situations. In addition, the projects will also strengthen the capacity of Moldova to participate in the military missions and operations of the EU in support of the Common Security and Defence Policy.

The Council of the European Union adopted a decision to support Moldova in May this year and a support package was signed in August this year. The project will run for 36 months from the signature of the contract and will be completed at the end of july of 2026.

This is the third support package of the European Peace Facility targeting Moldova. The 2021 package allocated 7 million euros to strengthen the security and stability of Moldova and the resilience of its defence sector and is implemented by the Lithuanian Central Project Management Agency. The 2022 package of 40 million euros is implemented by the ECDI, with the Estonian e-Governance Academy implementing its cyber components.

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