Estonian Defence Forces received several hundred new multi-purpose weapons

The Estonian Centre for Defence Investments (ECDI), in cooperation with Latvia, has ordered modern Carl-Gustaf® M4 multi-purpose weapon from the Swedish company Saab. This marks the latest delivery of more than 400 weapons to Estonia.

‘Supplied from Sweden, these weapons will exponentially increase close-range anti-tank performance and replace the former Carl-Gustaf M2 models already in use. The launchers will be used in parallel with the older M2 and M3 weapons currently in the inventory of the Estonian Defence Forces. One of our priorities is investing in anti-tank weapons, which we have done so far and will continue to do in the coming years,’ Ramil Lipp, the Armament Category Manager of the ECDI, noted.

The new type of launchers can fire three types of armour-piercing grenades, three types of multi-purpose ammunition for the destruction of buildings and transport vehicles and for the neutralisation of manpower, two types of ammunition for countering enemy infantry, as well as smoke and illumination grenades.

The Carl-Gustaf multi-purpose weapon is part of the infantry division’s armament to ensure a strong anti-armour capability for its units. This weapon is also used as a fire support tool for the division, effectively impacting an enemy moving on land. The new weapon, being lighter and shorter, has greater accuracy and operational speed than the previous model.

‘The new weapons are in use in the units and the transition to the new weaponry has been swift, as the handling of the M4 is similar to that of the previous model. Soldiers are happy with the grenade launcher, which is more compact and better than the previous model,’ Major Risto Pärtel, the Chief Weapons Officer of the Estonian Defence Forces, added.

The Carl-Gustaf M4 has the advantage of reduced weight. The previously used M2 models weighed 14.2 kilograms, while the new weapons are half the weight and 13 centimetres shorter.

In June 2019, the Estonian Centre for Defence Investment signed a cooperation agreement with the Defence Materiel Administration and Saab, and last year Estonia included Latvian partners in the procurement of new Carl-Gustaf M4 and their ammunition.

‘It is also very gratifying that this is another successful close cooperation project between neighbouring countries, which will result in improved anti-tank performance not only for Estonia, but for the entire Baltic region,’ Lipp added.

The Carl-Gustaf multi-role weapon system are used by several NATO members, including the United States of America. Estonia is among 15 countries that have ordered the latest version of the Carl-Gustaf model.