Estonian Defence Forces to Receive New Modern Night Vision Devices

Estonian Centre for Defence Investments (ECDI) has delivered the first batch of modern night vision devices to the Estonian Defence Forces, significantly enhancing their capability to operate in the dark.

“Considering our enemy is known to significantly outnumber us, we must seek our advantage in other areas, such as superior training, higher situational awareness, and, of course, a technological edge,” stated Lieutenant Colonel Riho Juurik, Head of the Logistics Department at the Headquarters of Estonian Defence Forces. “These new night vision devices represent a stride toward securing this edge, enabling us to function more effectively around the clock and even better utilize all newly acquired capabilities.”

The newly improved features of these devices from Theon Sensors, a Greek company, bolster soldiers’ combat effectiveness in three critical areas: they are lighter, more light-sensitive, and offer superior resolution compared to previous models, thus affording users a tactical edge.

“To put it succinctly, the Theon Argus FS MK2 marks a significant progression in conducting operations under limited lighting. Its reduced weight and improved night vision capabilities are qualities our national defenders will certainly welcome,” remarked Staff Sergeant Mario Nõlvak, an armaments specialist from the Estonian Defence Forces Support Command’s Supply Battalion, who evaluated the new equipment.

Ramil Lipp, Strategic Category Manager (Armaments) at ECDI, stated that thanks to a successful public procurement process, the night combat capabilities of the Estonian Defence Forces are set to strong improvement. The devices will equip approximately 10,000 soldiers.

“The bid evaluation process was comprehensive. Bids were assessed as complete sets, meaning each set of night vision device, helmet mount, and supplementary equipment had to meet the tender’s specifications. I am glad that the competition was intense and that the winning product fully satisfies the end users’ requirements. The promptness of delivery surpassed our expectations, and the desired night combat proficiency has been timely achieved,” Lipp explained.

Theon Sensors’ products were chosen as the winners from among 16 bidders based on the specified evaluation criteria. “We are grateful to ECDI for their trust in Theon, giving us the chance to prove our capability and pride in delivering what we promised within the stipulated time frame,” said Vasileios Savvaidis, Managing Director of Theon Sensors.

Units of the Estonian Defence Forces and Defence League both will utilize the new night vision devices.