Estonian military aid to Ukraine has been substantially diversified

The military, medical and technical aid to Ukraine organised by the Centre for Defence Investment and the Defence Forces has been substantially diversified over the recent weeks.

Ukraine has already or will be receiving shortly 80 different types of warfare resources, including weapons, ammunition, protective equipment and other crucial technologies totalling over 220 million euros.

“Russian military pressure on Ukraine is immense. To resist it, Ukraine needs comprehensive support in the form of weapons, medical materials and protective equipment. The Defence Forces have sent as much of their supplies to Ukraine as possible in order to aid the Ukrainian armed forces in their struggle for national independence,” said Lieutenant-General Martin Herem, Commander of the Defence Forces. “It is important for the West to continue its support of Ukraine as the equipment sent there saves Ukrainian lives and helps that nation to combat the aggression. We had already begun providing support even before the conflict escalated on 24 February. Every square metre of unoccupied territory, every spared life of a citizen of Ukraine and every destroyed vehicle of the aggressor is both joyful and important to us”.

Due to security considerations, the Centre for Defence Investment cannot disclose precise volumes of the military aid but it should be noted that the direct military aid shipments include, among other items, anti-tank missiles, recoilless anti-tank guns and anti-tank mines, single-use anti-tank grenade launchers, hand grenades, howitzers, automatic firearms, large quantities of small-calibre ammunition and equipment for engineer units such as detonators and fuses.

Furthermore, thanks to close cooperation between the Centre for Defence Investment, the Defence Forces, Estonian companies and subsidiaries of the Interior Ministry, Ukraine has received large quantities of helmets, lifejackets, bulletproof vests and plates for them, radio transmitters, drones, night vision and thermal imaging devices and laser rangefinders. rangefinders. Some shipments also included suits protecting against chemical attacks.

As for medical aid, Ukraine has already received about a dozen containers with medicaments and treatment equipment, as well as several ambulances.

“The Centre for Defence Investment coordinates cooperation between the Defence Forces, the Foreign Ministry, the Interior Ministry and various companies while maintaining constant contact with the Ukrainian armed forces, which is why we always have precise and up to date information about what Ukraine needs most of all,” said Katri Raudsepp, head of the General Department of the Centre for Defence Investment.

The Centre for Defence Investment is also organising acquisition of vehicle fuel for Ukraine worth 5 million euros.

Previously it was announced that Estonia had provided such military aid as anti-tank Javelin missile systems, ammunition and field hospitals.

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