We are pleased to announce that together with Baltic Workboats, we have secured funding from the European Defense Fund’s 2022 research and development projects call, where our role is to be the leading nation in the project. Our task is to represent the interests of the country and serve as a liaison between other countries and the consortium.

Our largest project, led by the consortium’s company Baltic Workboats, is the EUROGUARD project for a semi-autonomous vessel. The project will result in the creation of a prototype for a next-generation naval platform that will contribute to shaping more efficient operations and enhancing cooperation among European countries in the maritime domain.

“As a small country, Estonia has already demonstrated its ability to lead significant development projects in Europe. With EUROGUARD, we will not only gain valuable experience and knowledge for our defence industry but also contribute to the development of our national defence,” said Ats Janno, the head of our project office.

The total budget for the project is 95 million euros, with 65 million euros provided by the European Commission and 30 million euros contributed by participating countries. Ten European countries, including Poland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Norway, France, Spain, Denmark, and Sweden, are important partners in the project alongside Estonia.

The recent call for the European Defense Fund’s research and development projects awarded funding to 16 international projects with Estonian participation, marking the best result to date and showcasing the growing interest of Estonian companies and research institutions in participating in defence-related research and development cooperation within the European Union.