In Võru County, the construction of a new road will begin

The Centre for Defence Investment (ECDI) signed a construction and design agreement with AS TREV-2 Grupp for the construction of a new road in the Võru and Rõuge rural municipalities. The purpose of the new national defence road is to ensuresafe and better access for the Defence Forces and the Defence League to travel between the Tsiatsungõlmaa shooting range and the Nursipalu training ground. The total amount of the agreement is approximately four million euros.

The new road is planned in the Võru and Rõuge rural municipalities, connecting the Võru-Mõniste-Valga and Sõmerpalu-Mustahamba national roads. The design includes approximately ten kilometres of connecting roads, which comprise exits, intersections, and connecting roads.

‘The primary and most urgent need is to create a new road to the Tsiatsungõlmaa shooting range, where the construction of additional infrastructure will begin in the near future. The new road is important for the training units to have a better and safer access to the servicing campus of the training ground to be built in Tsiatsungõlmaa and from there to the current training ground without using public roads,’ said Elari Kalmaru, the Training Area Portfolio Manager of the ECDI.

‘Undoubtedly, from our point of view, this will be an object of interest and a fast development, especially in terms of the deadline. However, considering the previous active cooperation with the Centre for Defence Investment, I am convinced that this is a challenge we can handle,’ said Tanel Tammemägi, Project Manager of TREV-2 Grupp. ‘Certainly, from our point of view, it is an honour to once again contribute to the construction of the Estonian national defence infrastructure, similar to the cooperation with the ECDI a few
years ago, when we built a training field for armoured vehicles and other heavy equipment in Tapa.

The planned road is treated as a national defence road, and the route of the road is located on state land.

Before the construction works begin, the corresponding road corridors will be deforested. The deadline for the completion of the new road is summer 2024.


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