Large-scale construction procurement announced for the construction of a war and disaster medicine centre

The Estonian Centre for Defence Investment (ECDI) has announced a large-scale design and construction procurement for the construction of a war and disaster medicine centre, within the framework of which, a complex of approximately 8,000 m2 will be built in the rapidly developing Raadi campus in Tartu. The completion of the new building will significantly improve the possibilities for training in military medicine, as well as the conditions of the Defence Forces Health Centre and rehabilitation, which will also improve the quality of services.

‘The Raadi military campus is one of our priorities – we plan to invest more than 35 million euros in it in the coming years. With these investments, we will modernise the working conditions of the Defence Forces, start providing a modern training and simulation environment, and significantly reduce the current administrative costs of maintaining the necessary infrastructure,’ said Peeter Karja, Southern Portfolio Manager of the ECDI.

‘It is remarkable that the developments of the Raadi campus have now gone from design to execution. In addition to the recently announced procurement for the war and disaster medicine centre, we have recently laid the cornerstone for the new Raadi administrative building and by the end of the year, we will be able to start the construction of the new vocational training and access building of the Defence Forces. With all the new buildings, the campus will become a complete and modern environment for the Defence Forces to conduct training,’ Karja added.

The centre will bring together the Defence Forces Health Centre, the central medical warehouse of the Defence Forces, and other essential medical training capabilities that are currently in operation. The planned centre will include spacious and multifunctional teaching spaces as well as rooms for simulating disaster situations.

‘The modern conditions created for the training of war medicine will bring about a major leap forward for training in war and disaster medicine. The proposed facilities will allow to create an environment where different situations can be simulated, from first aid for severe trauma on the battlefield and the training of medical teams in mass casualty situations to hospital training at different levels of command. It is a so-called war medicine training area, where it is possible to practise the resolution of various crisis medicine situations in both war- and peacetime conditions and thereby support comprehensive national defence through the training of medical preparedness,’ said Chief of the War and Disaster Medicine Centre of the Estonian Military Academy (Lieutenant Colonel in Reserve).

The construction contract is expected to be signed at the end of this year and construction is planned to start in the second quarter of next year.

Applications can be submitted via the Public Procurement Register until 18 August. The public procurement reference number in the Public Procurement Register is 266772.