Estonia makes a large-scale investment for the maintenance of EDF’s vehicle fleet

Estonia makes a large-scale investment for the maintenance of EDF's vehicle fleet The Centre for Defence Investment announced two public procurements with the objective of finding long-term partners for repair and maintenance work of the armoured vehicles and wheeled vehicles of the Estonian Defence Forces. The estimated total volume of the agreements amounts to 250 million euros. According to Ivar Janson, Armoured Equipment Strategic Category Manager of the Centre for Defence Investment, this constitutes a significant and extensive investment in [...]

Estonia acquires land-to-sea antiship missile system

Estonian Centre for Defence Investment (ECDI) has signed a contract with Proteus Advanced Systems Pte. Ltd., a joint venture company of Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd. (IAI) and ST Engineering Land Systems  Ltd. (ST), to equip the Estonian Defence Forces with Blue Spear (5G SSM) missile systems. ECDI announced today that it has reached an agreement for developing Estonian coastal defence capabilities and arming the defence forces with the Blue Spear (5G SSM) land-to-sea missile system. Proteus Advanced Systems Pte. Ltd., [...]

First road from tyre blocks in Estonia

The first tyre block road in Estonia will be completed in Tapa in June next year, which will address the issue of recycling old tyres. This technology has been in use across the world, including Finland, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the USA for almost 20 years. Now for the first time a similar solution is being implemented in the rebuilding of the Läpi-Ojaküla Road in Estonia that serves as an access route to the central training area of the [...]

Progress of the iMUGS project

Unmanned and autonomous vehicles are the future for armed conflicts and multiple other fields. A good example of this is the THeMIS UGS from Milrem Robotics which is in use already in 11 countries around the world in both military and civilian roles. Of course, there are other providers of similar systems and more are coming every year. There is a clear need to establish a common approach to build a system that will be genuinely durable, sustainable and provide [...]

Webinar: Introduction of the new machine gun system tender

Estonian Centre for Defence Investment intends to launch a Competitive Procedure with Negotiation in March 2021 for a 7-year framework contract to procure 7,62 mm NATO calibre general-purpose machine gun systems with life cycle support. Deliveries are planned in 2022 and contract will include possible future orders during the framework period. For the sake of a great procurement, we want to give our partners a chance to get acquainted with the tender before launching it. The webinar will be held [...]

Required infrastructure for hosting Allied units has been completed in Estonia

Today, the Reception, Staging and Onward Movement (RSOM) area on the territory of the Tapa military campus was opened, along with the heavy machinery road built in the campus. The new infrastructure creates a base for Allied units for participation in short-term exercises or relocations, and enhances both Estonia’s independent and NATO’s defence capabilities by creating the conditions necessary for rapid, timely and effective action. According to Minister of Defence Jüri Luik, the opening of the collection of infrastructure objects [...]

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