Market research and seminar for 120mm towed mortars.

Our intension is to launch a tender on 2021. Market research is available in English to ensure that all suppliers can participate in it. We invite You to give us a feedback and participate on the market research. If You would like to know more about market research, please write directly to our Stradegic Category Manager of weaponry Ramil Lipp by e-mail . The deadline for market research is 1st of March 2020. Estonian Centre for Defence Investment is [...]

Estonia and the United States to build a joint cyber threat intelligence platform.

Estonia and United States have started a cooperation to build a joint platform for sharing cyber threat intelligence between the two countries. The system will be developed by Cybernetica and procured by the Estonian Centre for Defence Investment according to a framework contract signed by the two parties at the end of last year. "The goal is to develop an automised cyber threat intelligence system between the US and Estonian defence forces, tailored to the specific needs of the two [...]

Centre for Defence Investment became operational

Centre for Defence Investment became operational The Centre for Defence Investment (ECDI) was established by the decree of the Minister of Defence on November 9th, 2015. The Centre became operational on January 1st 2017. The plan to set up the Centre dates back to 2010, when the new national defence strategy provided for the establishment of an agency to handle procurement and manage property. There was a need for the new institution [...]

Centre for Defence Investments
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