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Estonia led consortium to start the development of the European standard unmanned ground system

Estonia and Milrem Robotics, as the leaders of a consortium composed of several major European defence, communication and cybersecurity companies and high technology SMEs and the European Commission signed the grant agreement for iMUGS, a project aimed at developing the European standard unmanned ground system (UGS). The grant agreement for the 32,6 MEUR iMUGS (Integrated Modular Unmanned Ground System) project was signed last week and will allow the consortium to begin work on the project. The requirements for the standardized [...]

Ceremony launches two new, Estonian-built force protection Navy vessels

The Estonian Navy (Merevägi) took delivery of two new, Saaremaa-built force protection vessels Thursday, the first ships built to order for the navy since the restoration of independence in 1991. A launch ceremony took place Thursday at Nasva Harbor, Saaremaa, to mark the official handover of the two vessels, the ENS Risto and the ENS Roland, built by Baltic Workboats AS (BWB), to the navy. The ships have a "godmother" each, Henrieth Kampmann and Meribell Rüüte, from the Kodutütred, the girls' arm of [...]

Estonian Centre for Defense Investment entered into four-year framework agreements with three Estonian companies: Guardtime OÜ, Clarified Security OÜ and CybExer Technologies OÜ for conducting various levels of cyber training for both Estonian and allied and partner experts. The purpose of the training is to ensure NATO's preparedness for cyber attacks, to raise awareness of cyber hygiene and cyber security more broadly. "The very rapid development of the IT sector and technology has led to an increasing dependence on cyberspace [...]

Centre for Defence Investments (ECDI) was established by the Minister of Defence decree on 9 November 2015, the Centre became operational on 1 January 2017.

The plan to set up the Centre dates back to 2010, when the new national defence strategy provided for the establishment of an agency to handle procurement and manage property.

Defence Investment Centre brings together the previously separate procurement and infrastructure management authority – mostly military and defence – of specialist expertise, knowledge-experience and financial resources.

People of the Centre for Defence Investments are professionals who until now have been working in the Ministry of Defence and Defence Forces.

The volume of investments and procurement had grown several times

There was a need for the new institution since the volume of investments and procurement of special equipment in the area of government had grown several times – whereas in 2010 investments in national defence and defence-related procurements totalled 57.3 million euros, the amount is expected to grow to 200 million euros by 2020.

Clear need for more efficient coordination

Procurement has become more complicated and there is an increased volume of managed infrastructure. At the same time neither the number of staff nor management changed – there was clear need for more efficient coordination both in the area of procurement and infrastructure.

Procurement process is more transparent

The Centre conducts procurement in the Ministry of Defence, the Defence Forces and other government agencies, and manages the use of their real estate. As a joint body, it enables the processes that have been used in different institutions to be harmonised, the quality of contracting to be improved and harmonised, and the roles and responsibilities of stakeholders to be clarified.

The Centre has a complete picture

The Centre has a complete picture of the status of the infrastructure and the investment needs in the entire area of government, and the entire procurement process is more transparent and clearer. Defence Forces will enable the Centre to focus on their core business, or military tasks.


To support the national capability development with professionally organised procurements, infrastructure development and administrative activities and investments.


Be cooperative, be a competent and responsible partner for all agencies and enterprises operating in the field of national defence and be a valued employer for employees. The experience of the Centre for Defence Investments draws on both the best practices, knowledge and experience of Defence Forces, the Ministry of Defence, as well as the private sector. The benchmark of professionalism of the Centre for Defence Investments is the assessment of cooperation partners.

Centre for Defence Investments
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