RFI: Counter-Battery Radar Systems

Estonian National Defence Strategy relies on two pillars – NATO´s collective defence and an initial national defence capability.

The Estonian Centre for Defence Investment (ECDI) invites to participate in the preliminary Request for Information (RFI) stage of preparation of the tendering process for procurement of “Counter-Battery Radar Systems” for Estonian Defence Forces (EDF).

A counter-battery radar detects artillery projectiles fired by one or more guns, howitzers, mortars and rocket launchers and from their trajectories locates the position on the ground of the weapon that fired it or in addition, it may determine where the projectile will land. Planned radar systems shall be highly mobile and transportable on a single vehicle for maneuvering forces. Air Surveillance capability is an option.

The RFI contains conceptual framework, questions about the technical parameters of the systems, potential delivery and manufacturing times/schedules, estimated lifecycle cost etc.

After the feedback, ECDI and EDF will evaluate company’s system profile and suitability to achieve the goals in a timely and cost-effective way while satisfying the operational requirements of the EDF. After evaluation of the received answers to the RFI, ECDI will decide the final procurement strategy.

The potential procurement time is not decided yet, but we would like to be fully prepared after receiving needed funds for the project.

Preferably, we would like to receive the reply no later than the September 31, 2022 by e-mail [email protected].

Link to: Request for Information (RFI) from Estonian Centre for Defence Investment


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