RFI: Maritime Coastal Surveillance Systems

Hereby the Estonian Centre for Defence Investment (hereinafter ECDI) invites manufacturers to participate in the preliminary Request for Information (RFI) stage of preparation of the tendering process for procurement of “Maritime Coastal Surveillance Systems”  for Estonian Defence Forces (EDF) and Police and Border Guard (PBG) Unit.

First procurement quantities are 20 units in different locations in seaside. Procurement will involve potential options up to 5 radars. ECDI main goal is to sign a seven (7) year framework agreement with one company.

The RFI contains questions about technical parameters of the systems, ROM (rough-order-of-magnitude) prices for systems, training, estimated lifecycle cost, delivery and manufacturing schedules.

Manufacturers shall submit a complete answers to this RFI (ARFI) in accordance with the instructions for ARFI preparation.

After your feedback, ECDI and EDF will evaluate your company’s system profile and suitability to achieve the goals in a timely and cost-effective way while satisfying the operational requirements of the EDF.

After evaluation of the received answers to the RFI, ECDI will decide the final procurement strategy.

The potential procurement is expected to take place in the second half of 2022.

We shall be looking forward for the feedback as soon as possible. Preferably, we would like to receive the reply no later than August 30, 2022 by e-mail [email protected] .

Link to: Official RFI document
Link to: Annex 1 – matrix table (AMTX)