An equipment hub for half a thousand vehicles was opened in the Taara Army Base

Today, the Estonian Centre for Defence Investments together with the 2nd Infantry Brigade opened the equipment hub of the Taara Army Base. The nearly 4.3-hectare equipment hub is designed for half a thousand vehicles of the Defence Forces. The equipment hub was built by the public limited company Merko and the cost of the contract including VAT was 5.7 million euros.

 The equipment hub has shelters for trucks and vehicles, an automatic car wash, and a car wash ramp. ‘Until now, we had to keep the vehicles of the Defence Forces on a wasteland. We are happy that the 2nd Infantry Brigade now has at its disposal a modern equipment hub, which, in addition to equipment shelters, also has an automatic car wash, which allows us to significantly save the time required to wash vehicles,’ said Mart Salusaar, Southern Portfolio Manager of the Centre for Defence Investment.

The closed shelters are located on a rubble site, where it is possible to store the vehicles of the Defence Forces. Heavy equipment located in the Taara Army Base will be stored in the shelters. The equipment hub has both larger and smaller shelters, of which one truck shelter can accommodate 28 vehicles, and the vehicle shelter can accommodate up to 75 smaller vehicles. The shelters also have electricity and an air drying system.

‘The new equipment hub significantly improves the storage and maintenance conditions of the equipment of the 2nd Infantry Brigade in Taara Army Base. The new automatic car wash ensures, if necessary, that the vehicles can quickly be washed after exercises. By storing a clean vehicle in a shelter with battery charging capability, the preservation of the vehicle and its quick deployment, if necessary, are ensured throughout the year. All of this will improve the combat readiness of the brigade,’ said Lieutenant Colonel Kalmer Kruus, Commander of the Combat Service Support Battalion of the 2nd Infantry Brigade.

‘In addition to the usual charging capacity, we also used an innovative pulse charging solution to charge the batteries of the vehicles of the Defence Forces in this project. The advantage of the system is more reliable charging and the fact that the personnel of the Defence Forces no longer has to spend time on charging operations, as the vehicles are now permanently connected,’ added Salusaar.

‘National defence is based on people and their will to defend. At the same time, the homeland cannot be protected without proper technology and equipment. We are very happy that by creating better conditions in the Taara Army Base, we were able to contribute to the improvement of the well-being of our defenders and in this way support the development of the defence capability of our country,’ said Ivo Volkov, Chairman of the Management Board of Merko Ehitus Eesti.

In the last two years, universal halls and sports fields with obstacle courses and an outdoor gym have also been completed in the Taara Army Base.

The units of the 2nd Infantry Brigade, the Kuperjanov Infantry Battalion, the Headquarters and Signal Company, and the Combat Service Support Battalion are located in the Taara Army Base in Võru. In addition, the study department of the National Defence College is located there