Testing of new 4×4 armored vehicles

As the final stage of the project, testing of new 4×4 armored vehicles took place in Tapa, evaluating the compliance of the four-wheeled vehicles with the requirements of the defence forces.

In addition to Turkish vehicles, companies from France, Italy, Israel, Finland, and Spain also participated in the initial stages of the project. Under the conditions of competition, we selected the top four platforms.

In the last stage, Turkish companies Otokar, BMC, and Nurol Makina were represented, aiming to demonstrante the vehicles’ capabilities on various obstacles such as water, slopes, and ascents.

After evualating the results and conducting final negotatiuons, a contract will be signed with the company declared as successful in the second quarter of this year. As a result, the 1st and 2nd Brigade will receive armored vehicles approximately within two years.



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