The air surveillance radars of the Estonian Defence Forces are undergoing important upgrades

The Estonian Air Surveillance Wing radars are undergoing software and hardware updates, which after update will significantly improve NATO’s unified aerial picture.

Radars will be equipped with systems that can automatically detect NATO member states aircrafts. In addition, they will be able to detect objects in the air significantly further than the radar systems available today.

“Estonia and Finland conducted a joint procurement to upgrade the radars. Finland uses similar radar systems in its air surveillance, which were also procured as a joint procurement in 2009,” commented ECDI’s communications and radar category manager Priit Soosaar.


The Estonian-Finnish joint procurement for the renewal of air surveillance radars is one of the most important defence projects for the two countries in recent times. “The cooperation with the Finns is very professional. We negotiated together, are managing the project together, participating in project meetings, and conducting factory tests together,” Soosaar added.

The total contract cost is 11 million euros. We saved nearly 4 million euros on upgrades with joint procurement. The contractual partner isĀ Thales, who will fulfill contractual obligations in 2022-2025.

Estonia is an important part of NATO’s integrated air defence system which is the cornerstone of the alliance’s collective defence. Our role is to raise situational awareness of what is happening on NATO’s eastern border.