The construction of a heavy weapons workshop began in the Tapa Army Base

At the end of last year, the construction of a new heavy weapons workshop began in the Tapa Army Base. Large-scale maintenance and repair works for heavy weapons will be carried out in the long-awaited workshop. The contract for the construction of the workshop was signed by the Estonian Centre for Defence Investment last autumn, and the total cost of the contract including VAT is approximately 4.7 million euros.

‘Several new weapons systems have been added to the armament of the Defence Forces in recent years, including the self-propelled howitzers K9 Thunder and new mortars. Together with the developments in the field of armaments and the introduction of new weapons systems in the coming years, it is extremely important to increase the capacity for the maintenance and repair of heavy weapons in the Defence Forces. The new workshop will give us the unique capability we need and ensure sustainability in the future as well,’ said Lieutenant Colonel Valdo Veski, Acting Commander of the Support Command.

In addition to the workshop, the nearly 1,700-square-metre repair shop has a washing facility, a spare parts warehouse, office spaces, and modern conditions. ‘The Tapa Army Base has expanded rapidly in recent years. As a number of heavy weapons have been and will be added to the armament of the Defence Forces, modern tools and facilities are needed to keep the new equipment in working order. We are happy to be working with Revin Grupp, which has built several different buildings for the Defence Forces,’ said Randel Lipp, North-Eastern Portfolio Manager of the Centre for Defence Investment.

In the past years, Revin Grupp has built various buildings for the Defence Forces. For example, the equipment shelters in Tapa and Jõhvi were completed last year, and the Jõhvi barracks building for active servicemen and the Jõhvi canteen were expanded last year.  ‘The construction of the heavy weapons workshop is different from the previous objects due to the increased requirements for the load-bearing capacity of the structures of the building. As builders, we are clearly hoping for a warm winter and an early spring, so that the construction works could start as soon as possible,’ said Mikk Jalak, Head of the Budgeting Department at the private limited company Revin Grupp.

The construction of additional infrastructure to receive allies is also underway at the Tapa Army Base. The purpose of building additional infrastructure is to enable the reception of even more allied units at the same time and to increase the capability of the allied equipment. In addition, a tender for the construction of a maintenance training garage and equipment shelters will also be announced in the near future.

The heavy weapons workshop will be completed by the end of 2023.