The Estonian Centre for Defence Investment (ECDI) will build a 150-seat barrack for active servicemen near the Tapa military campus. The building is designed as single rooms for the active servicemen working in the campus of Tapa. When a critical need arises, it is possible to use the building for barracks-type accommodation, thus increasing the number of people who can stay there.

‘The modern building will have 5 stories and follow the building style of the surrounding buildings. At the moment, the Defence Forces have several apartment premises in Tapa for common use, but with the expansion of the campus, there is an urgent need to offer active servicement dormitory-type accommodation within walking distance of the campus,’ said Toomas Laumets, project manager of the construction office of the ECDI.

‘The opportunity to contribute to the development of Estonia’s defence capabilities is probably one of the main reasons why the Nordecon team is particularly highly motivated to work near the Tapa military campus,’ said Ando Voogma, Member of the Management Board of Nordecon AS. ‘It is a familiar working environment for us, because we have been able to build various objects in the Tapa military campus in previous years. So far, cooperation with the ECDI has been successful.’

‘Considering the current economic situation, we are very grateful that the state’s investments in Tapa have not stopped. The developments in and near the campus provide jobs for local people and help keep local small businesses alive. It must also be emphasised that our mutual cooperation with both the Defense Forces and the ECDI has been extremely pleasant and we have managed to avoid disagreements,’ added Tapa rural municipality mayor Riho Tell.

Work will start in April 2020 and the delivery of the barrack is planned for the beginning of 2021. The cost of the contract is 2.7 million euros, plus VAT.

The gross area of the building is approximately 3,200 m2. The designed building has 5 main floors and one attic, with 150 accommodation places in single rooms.

Nordecon has previously built a catering complex (2017), four barracks (2016–2018), a maintenance and training hall, a repair hall, shelters (2017–2018), and an assembly area (2019–2020) in the Tapa Defense Campus.