The Estonian Defence Forces and the Estonian Defence League will improve their antitank armament

Demonstration of Spike LR in Estonia (2021)

The Centre for Defence Investment (CDI) has entered into a contract with Eurospike GmbH in order to acquire the Spike SR antitank armament for the Estonian Defence Forces and the Estonian Defence League, thereby significantly improving the capacity of antitank measures.

“In the case of such a high-volume and important investment, we are extremely glad that thanks to comparing different capabilities, we were able to save nearly two million euros on the expected total cost of the project and thereby significantly improve our antitank capability,” noted Ramil Lipp, the Armament Category Manager of the CDI. “This is a single-use antitank missile with a range of up to two kilometres and it is also capable of attacking moving targets. The first deliveries will be made to Estonia already in 2022,” added Lipp.

“The new antitank weapons will ensure better combat power for the units of the Estonian Defence League, thus helping us neutralise the adversary from further away and more accurately. We are also prepared to fight armoured adversaries; therefore, the new weapons are extremely important for us. In addition to the weapons, we will also receive training materials that help us reduce the costs related to putting the new armaments into use while substantially improving the efficiency of our units on the battlefield,” added Colonel Eero Rebo, Chief of Staff of the Estonian Defence League.

The antitank weapon Spike SR will replace the 90 mm towed antitank guns used by the Estonian Defence League. Previously, the Estonian Defence Forces used the guided Milan antitank missile systems, which were put out of service years ago.

Demonstration of Spike LR in Estonia (2021)

“The capability of the Defence Forces to have an impact on the armoured machinery of the adversary will improve substantially. The difference is that currently, we have a 1,500-metre antitank capability at the battalion level, but with the addition of the Spike SR, infantry companies will also gain the same capability. The missile can be launched both at day and at night and it works based on the fire-and-forget principle. The training materials to be purchased pursuant to the contract are also efficient,” added Lieutenant Colonel Martin Kukk, Infantry Inspector of the Defence Forces.

The single-use antitank missiles are easy to use and are meant to constitute a system operated by a single soldier.

The new weapons will above all be used by the Defence League, but also by the infantry brigades of the Defence Forces. Single-use antitank weapons will be procured for the Defence League and the Defence Forces for a total value of over 40 million euros.

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