Estonian Centre for Defence Investments

Järve 34a, 11314 Tallinn

Registry code: 70009764
Phone: +372 717 0400

[email protected]

Magnus-Valdemar Saar

Director General, National Armaments Director

Hanna Heinnurm

Communications Manager

Hanna-Christine Rotmeister

Press Officer

Ivar Janson

Head of Procurement Department

Kadi-Kai Kollo

Head of Infrastructure Department

Katri Raudsepp

Head of General Department

Procurement Department

Priit Soosaar

Strategic Category Manager (C4I, Cyber & Radars)

Ramil Lipp

Strategic Category Manager (Armaments)

Erko Sepri

Strategic Category Manager (Vehicles, Machinery & Logistics)

Kristo Raud

Strategic Category Manager (Infrastructure & Services)

Karmo Saar

Strategic Category Manager (Air, Sea & Combat Vehicles)

Maia Prunt

Strategic Category Manager (Soldier Equiptment & Life Support)

Infrastructure Department

Liisi Hallikma

Western Portfolio Manager

Agne Silde

Catering Services Portfolio Manager

Ando Voogma

North and North-eastern Portfolio Manager

Elari Kalmaru

Training Area Portfolio Manager

Kaupo Kaasik

Coordinator of Cooperation on Infrastructure Projects

Peeter Karja

Southern Portfolio Manager

General Department
Name Positsion  Phone E-mail
Merle Vilu Head of Legal Affairs +372 5198 6496 [email protected]
Ave-Maria Raud Registry Administrator +372 5306 6689 [email protected]
Data Protection Officer [email protected]
Administration Managers
Name Position Phone E-mail
Siim Pikkur Training Areas Portfolio Administration Manager +372 5305 1781
Risto Sulger North-Eastern Administration Manager +372 5304 5465 [email protected]
Kajar Viiberg  Western Portfolio Administration Manager +372 5388 0830 [email protected]
Siim Pilv Northern Administration Manager +372 5346 4746 [email protected]
Toomas Soosaar Southern Portfolio Administration Manager +372 514 8587 [email protected]