Centre for Defence Investment

Järve 34A, 11314 Tallinn
Telephone: +372 717 0400


Colonel Rauno Sirk


Ingrid Mühling

Communication Manager

Priit Soosaar

Head of Procurement Department

Külli Tulvik

Head of Infrastructure Department

Major Anneli Liister

Head of Administration Department

Procurement Department
Name Position Telephone E-mail
Kertu Hanni Assistant of Procurement Department +372 7170430
Priit Pallu Head of General Equipment Procurement Bureau +372 7170441
Margus Padjus Head of Armament Procurement Bureau +372 7170461
Infrastructure Department
Name Position Telephone E-mail
Kaisa Kogermann Assistant of Infrastructure Department +3727170480
Kaupo Kaasik Head of Construction Bureau +3727170501
Sirje Tomiste Head of Real Estate Bureau +3727170531
Toomas Kalda Head of Infrastructure Service Bureau +3727170551
Administration Department
Name Position Phone Email
Gerli Vetema-Rungi Director´s Assistant 717 0400
Kristina Grau Personnel Manager 717 0414
Elo Karro Financial Manager 717 0412
Mattias Suumann Lawyer 717 0420

Riigi Kaitseinvesteeringute Keskus
Järve 34A, Tallinn 11314