Estonian Centre for Defence Investments

Järve 34a, 11314 Tallinn

Registry code: 70009764
Phone: +372 717 0400

[email protected]

Magnus-Valdemar Saar

Director General, National Armaments Director

Hanna Heinnurm

Communications Manager

Pille Pärnjõe

Audit Manager

Ivar Janson

Head of Procurement Department

Heilika Reinvart

Head of Infrastructure Department

Katri Raudsepp

Head of General Department

Procurement Department

Priit Soosaar

Communications and Radar Category Manager

Ramil Lipp

Armament Category Manager

Erko Sepri

Vehicle and Logistics Category Manager

Maia Prunt

Infrastructure and Services Category Manager

Karmo Saar

Air Force, Navy and Armoured Equipment Category Manager

Robert Käsper

Soldier and Life Support Category Manager

Infrastructure Department

Mart Salusaar

Southern Portfolio Manager

Elari Kalmaru

Training Area Portfolio Manager

Agne Silde

Catering Services Portfolio Manager

Nele Gerberson

Northern Portfolio Manager

Mario Metsoja

Western Portfolio Manager

Randel Lipp

North-eastern Portfolio Manager

Kaupo Kaasik

Coordinator of Cooperation on Infrastructure Projects

General Department
Name Positsion  Phone E-mail
Merle Vilu Head of Legal Affairs +372 5198 6496 [email protected]
Janno Luts Chief Financial Officer +372 5845 5647 [email protected]
Ave-Maria Raud Registry Administrator +372 5306 6689 [email protected]
Data Protection Officer [email protected]
Administration Managers
Name Position Phone E-mail
Siim Pikkur Training Areas Portfolio Administration Manager +372 5305 1781 [email protected].ee
Randel Lipp North-Eastern Portfolio Administration Manager +372 5304 5465 [email protected].ee
Kajar Viiberg  Western Portfolio Administration Manager +372 5388 0830 [email protected]
Siim Pilv Northern Portfolio Administration Manager +372 5346 4746 [email protected]
Toomas Soosaar Southern Portfolio Administration Manager +372 514 8587 [email protected]