Procurements & Purchases

We offer centralized procurement management services to institutions within the Ministry of Defence’s jurisdiction. This involves organizing centralized procurements to ensure the availability of products and services required within the Ministry of Defence’s scope. Additionally, we conduct joint procurements with other countries and organizations to consolidate requirements and reduce costs.

In 2020, we transitioned to category-based procurement to ensure the quality of procurements and enhance the efficiency of their execution. This management approach deepens procurement leadership competence, contributes to a better understanding of the market, and enables us to provide robust procurement partnership to the armed forces.

Armaments Strategic Category includes ammunition, armaments from small arms to howitzers and rocket launchers, including their life cycles, simulation and mock-up tools, optoelectronics/optics and measurement/observation tools, targets and target systems.

C4I, Cyber & Radars Strategic Category includes communication and navigation systems (including IT assets), military and civilian communication solutions, air surveillance systems and radars, naval communication, navigation, and surveillance systems, air defense systems (including medium- and long-range), aeronautical and maritime navigation charts, portable electrical installations, photographic, video, and audio technology, security and safety equipment, and the life-cycle management of the aforementioned items.

The Vehicles, Machinery & Logistics Strategic Category encompasses the procurement and rental of land vehicles and specialized equipment, along with their maintenance and spare parts. This category also includes runway maintenance and support equipment; the procurement, repair, and maintenance of fuels, gases, and automotive chemicals; tools and workshop accessories; and transportation and barrier equipment.

Infrastructure and Services Strategic Category includes repair work and the maintenance of various equipment, including catering equipment, heating and air conditioning units, domestic appliances, portable buildings, and furniture. It also covers products and services required for property maintenance, everyday items such as office supplies, travel arrangements, and various social services.

The Air, Sea & Combat Vehicles Strategic Category encompasses armored vehicles and equipment, including wheeled armored vehicles, combat vehicles, self-propelled artillery, and support armored vehicles. It also includes surveillance aircraft, observation drones, mine countermeasures, patrol and support ships, boats, scooters, and motorboats, as well as unmanned systems. Additionally, this category covers repair, maintenance, and spare parts for the aforementioned vehicles.

The Soldier Equipment and Life Support Strategic Category includes soldiers’ clothing and special equipment, personal protection gear, field service equipment, medical devices and technology, medications and medical consumables, medical services, as well as food and catering services.