Training Areas

The training areas are land or maritime areas with associated airspace and training facilities, where shooting and tactical exercises, are conducted. We manage all seven training areas established in Estonia: Central Training Area, Nursipalu, Sirgala, Kikepera, Klooga, Männiku, and Soodla, with a total area of approximately 27,000 hectares.

Schedules and contact information for the training grounds can be found on the Defence Forces website:

Information for local residents and hikers

The external boundaries of the training areas are marked in the terrain with white-red or yellow-red striped posts. Each post has a black arrow indicating the direction towards the training area. Some posts also have signs with the contact information of the training area. You can call the contact number to find out if there are dangerous activities taking place on the training area and whether entry is currently prohibited.

Boom barriers are installed on roads entering the training areas, and information boards and flagpoles are placed along the roads. Entry to the training areas is prohibited when a red flag is hoisted on the flagpole or a red signal light is lit. A raised red flag or a red signal light indicates that life-threatening activities are taking place on the training area simultaneously. Entry is also prohibited when the barrier is closed.

Information boards installed on the entry roads to the training areas specify the restrictions and usage information for the training ground, as well as contact details.

Additionally, the locations of the training areas are displayed in the Estonian Land Board’s rural information map application at and in the State Forest Management Centre’s mobile application ‘Loodusega Koos’.”