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Estonia Signs Defence Procurement Cooperation Agreement with Spain

The Estonian Centre for Defence Investments (ECDI) and the Director General of Armaments and Material (DiGAM) of Spain signed an agreement in Tallinn to strengthen bilateral cooperation in defence and security.

“The Spanish defence industry is a significant player in European defence, and for us, it is one of the largest supply partners together with the USA, Germany, and France,” said ECDI’s Director-General, Magnus-Valdemar Saar. Last year, a large quantity of anti-tank ammunition arrived in Estonia from Instalaza, Spain’s largest munition manufacturer, earning the company the Estonian Defence Cornerstone recognition for its cooperation and supply reliability. “We affirm our desire to further intensify cooperation in the procurement and supply of defence materials,” he added during the signing the memorandum of understanding.

“The defence cooperation between Estonia and Spain is very fruitful at both NATO and European Union levels, and concurrently, we also need initiatives that would bring our defence industries closer together. This memorandum of understanding reaffirms the continued commitment of both countries,” stated Admiral Aniceto Rosique Nieto, Director General of Armaments and Material.

Spain was the first ally to contribute to Estonia with the medium-range air defence system NASAMS when a 100-member unit was stationed here in 2023. At the same time, Spain covered NATO air policing from Ämari for the third time. Spain was one of the founding members of the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence operating in Tallinn and contributes to the Europe-wide development and innovation project EUROGUARD, led by the Estonian company Baltic WorkBoats.

The Spanish delegation also included the country’s key defence and aerospace industry companies, and the Estonian defence industry also presented its products during the meeting.


Andri Maimets